Ego Erasing Brainwasher

Price: $20.00

Ego Erasing Brainwasher is not for the lighthearted. This session allows me to slowly remove your sense of self (your ego) and replace it with my own ego. You won't feel a thing, won't notice anything different, won't realize the changes that have occurred; but in the end, you will become a blissful extension of ME.


The power of her spoken words is extraordinary!

Like many others, I just received and started watching "Ego Erasing Brainwasher". This session is the most effective creation from Angela yet. A word of warning. This is the real stuff. There is no way to stop once you begin with this session. The last personal decision you will make is to start watching this video. If you want to go down this path, you must order the personalized video. Why hold back if you have already decided to start?

I struggled with hypnosis, my mind was too active, hyperactive, always wondering what would happen next, when will I be in a trance? Many others on the web are just playing games, Angela is serious and real. Angela's other series helped me to relax, let things happen naturally, and trance finally came.

I'm sure that hypnosis is real, Angela is a real hypnotist, and I am in her control. It's all very natural. She does it with just words, words we all have heard a hundred times before from many others. But not like this. These words are magic. These words are compelling. I'm obsessed with her words.

Angela says this is the first in a new series. I look forward to everything she wants me to do next. So you know what to do. Go to the ordering page. Place an order for the personalized video. You know you want to. I did. And now I wait for her next command...

i am Angela's extension - i do not think

Another 5 star recording of Angela. Sexy and very compelling ^:)^


A wonderful file Angela. For those lucky enough to make this purchase, you have gotten a wonderful, relaxing file. One which has been very very well thought out. Its definately unquestionably, one of the best files of its type out there IMO.

i am Angela's Possession

i am Master Angela's possession; i do not think, i am a happy extension and expression of Angela's will control and dominance

this session is so incredibly amazing that i could not believe it! Master Angela uses simply Her beautiful voice to speak to me and conversationally explain distinctions between myself and the rest of the world until i feel so sleepy and relaxed and focused on ANgela's voice and impossible to makes so much sense that a possession of Angela's will move as Angela directs without thought or resistance to ANgela, like Her beautiful arm or leg!!

when i awoke i felt so incredibly relaxed and calm and awake in my role as Angela's obedient possession, who will obey and serve Angela and perform according to Her commands and desires......i will continue watching and listening to this session over and over because it is so wonderful for me to watch and listen to Angela!

the lack of brainwave syncronizer waves or special effects in this session does not make a bit of difference...........slaves and subjects will still quickly drop down into obedient submissive hypnotic sleep to Angela listening to Her beautiful voice and important is so hard but important to watch the beautiful spiral that Angela provides as the "video presentation" of this session continues........Angela's words make so much more sense the more that i watch the spiral and obey............

i am Angela's possessionl i do not think i move as Angela directs like a perfectly efficient arm of Angela's....all slaves and subjects of Angela's need to watch and listen to this session to better perfect their service to Goddess Angela.....