The Enchantress

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in the sequel to the Enchanted Forest, deep within the enclosing forest, you stumble upon a peasant girl at a cottage who turns out to be much more than you had first expected.


A wonderful and powerful Hypnotic Story

The hypnotic technique used by Angela still escapes me and is impossible for me to identify, although it took me incredibly deep into hypnosis!! i remember Goddess Angela telling me a story in a conversational tone of walking through an outdoor forest-like setting, and the next thing i knew i remembered only being as stiff as a statue and having a mind full of obedience to Angela!! I have no idea when or how Goddess Angela gets Her slaves and subjects into hypnosis with this one, but it works wonders!!

i will recommend it to all slaves who are seeking to further their journey into submission to Angela, because i have awoken every time i listen feeling so much more submissive to Angela that i am certain that it will be impossible for me to be more submissive the next time that i listen (which is always false)!!

The Enchantress

This is an excellent sequel to Enchanted Forest. This starts where that one left off. You are in Angela's wonderful glade on a sunny day when you hear a sound. You decide to investigate what the sound is and where it is coming from. You find a cottage with a young peasant woman. The sound you heard was her singing. You knock on the door then enter the cottage. You sit down in a chair by the fireplace. The peasant woman is there but she is now a beautiful Enchantress who hypnotizes you.

Angela uses her story to hypnotize you. I don't know how she does it. It's just a simple story but it is very hypnotic.