Gentle Rain

Price: $20.00

Relax by the window as the fireplace crackles, and listen to the sound of the rain in the garden, as my voice draws you deeper and heavier into tranquility.  Don't let the name fool you...this is a subtle & powerful script.


Today's Forecast, Rain, Followed by Complete Submission

Tom is right. Gentle Rain is a masterpiece. You can visualize everything Angela says. The sound effects are so real that you will be looking out the window for the storm. As in every one of Angela's sessions, the prose and poetry is well written and beautifully read. The narative leads you very effectively into a trance. In particular, I found the video truly compelling. I can't imagine this without the personalization. That said, this is a very powerful session that will leave you completely in Angela's control. The weather is the least of your concerns.

a peaceful spring day and a Gentle Rain

You are sitting in a cabin by the window. There is a fire going in the fireplace and it's raining outside. As you watch the rain a flower floats by and you begin to daydream. Your daydream takes you into the forest and into Angela's control.

Gentle Rain is a must have. It is an excellent one for beginners to start with. Current subjects will enjoy it too. Angela describes everything so superbly that it is easy to get a clear picture of it in your mind. There are sounds of thunder and birds chirping to make you feel as though you are really there. This one is a true masterpiece.