Hypnodomme Personal Trainer I

Price: $20.00

First step into my world of transforming both mind and body. Listen to my voice as I instruct you step by step as your physical personal trainer, and your mental brainwasher. Light warm-up exercises and stretches. This session is only available for audio. I don't want you trying to watch a video while exercising. Focus on MY words.


Incredible Intense but Relaxing Cardio-Training Session

HypnoGoddess Angela has completely outdone herself with this athlatic training session, which really gives you a great physical workout under Angela's control that works on all of the major muscla groups, as She directs You to perform the exercises and repetitions that She commands.....i tried my first session after running and doing cardio for 2 1/2 hours earlier in the day, and i felt incredibly good afterwards like i really had a great workout....

Angela sets a challanging but not overwhelming pace for the exercises, and it is so easy to concentrate on Her compelling voice as She directed me....i felt so relaxed and obedient to Angela while performing my commanded exercises and reps, but so eager to complete the exercises and please Her that it made it easier to successfully complete the workout!!!! Despite running marathons regularly, the workout challanged me and i knew that i had completed a very good exercise regimine when i had finished....all of the exercises can be done standing within a very small area (6 feet by 4 feet or so would probably work well for everyone, which is great.)

i am eager to include this session in my daily exercise regimine, and thank Angela for building a program that will strengthen core muscles, allow greater flexibility, and get the blood flowing!