Magical Colors

Price: $20.00

A more traditional script dropping you through bands of color, deeper and more relaxed...down to a place of total relaxation.  A good induction for first timers, and for regressions.


the Magical Colors of Angela's magical clouds

I think this is a good one for those of you who are new to hypnosis to start with. It is also good for those of you who prefer a more traditional approach.

This starts with me floating among the clouds. All I can hear, and all that matters, is Angela's beautiful & relaxing voice. Slowly the cloud I'm in begins to change color. First red then orange. Angela has a way of describing things that make you able to visualize them, “Like the orange of a happy sunrise reflecting on a peaceful lake.” I can see it clearly in my mind and it's so relaxing. Yellow then down into green and deeper into blue and indigo. After all the colors I am allowed to enter Angela's lavender cloud. It's so relaxing and peaceful here I don't want to leave.