New Orleans

Price: $20.00

In the final journey of this series-- much later, your past journeys seeming but dreams, a vacation in New Orleans turns into a lure into the shop of a fortune teller.  But this fortune teller has some wicked purpose.


a Very Deep Hypnotic Session!!

Angela does a wonderful job placing subjects in hypnosis in this very interesting session, which is unlike any induction method that i can remember...........i remember thinking about walking through New Orleans near the site of a party that i am attending and active restaurants, and the next thing i know i remember feeling as heavy as lead or stone, and having a very very very quiet and open mind, that is eager to obey and so focused on going deeper.........Angela's induction is again very subtle yet very effective, as i have no recollection of even starting to be hypnotized by Angela in the session....and how She is able to do this while having me think of an active city street is a mystery to me!! lol

i awake from this session feeling very sensually excited and submissive to Angela, and open to Her thoughts and ideas, as if She has established a psychic link with my submissive hypnotized mind.............i daydream of obeying Her commands for a couple of hours after listening to this session.....thank You Angela, for a remarkable hypnotic experience!!

New Orleans

Angela must have been to the French Quarter to tell this tale so accurately. The narrow streets, the unusual collection of shops, at night there can truly be mystery. I've been there. I know. Just as before, the narrative distracts you, keeps you thinking that you're in control as long as you listen carefully. But are you in control? Not at all. Angela is waiting for you. Best not to keep her waiting. In the end, you will surrender. Completely. I know.