The Post-Hypnotic Brainwasher

Price: $20.00

Find out just how powerful my hypnosis can be when you find yourself performing actions and thinking thoughts in your every day life AFTER this session has embedded my post-hypnotic commands. The more often you enjoy this session, the more you will find that I can also cause you to do what I want when certain everyday events trigger your response. Are you up to the challenge? Prove it!!!


awesome file

Another awesome file by Angela, I cant wait to listen again.

Washing Has Never Been So Gentle

Like many other followers of Angela, I received the session Post Hypnotic
Brainwasher last week and have listened and watched many times since. This
session brings together many of the triggers from her earlier sessions, but does
it in a way that sets them firmly in your mind.

As in all of her sessions, Angela's voice compels you into a deep trance
quickly, if not relentlessly. There is never anxiety or fear of what will
happen next, rather, Angela leads you gently by the hand into complete
submission and obsession with her.

I know I've said this before in comments concerning her other sessions, but I
believe that this is now her best work. If you are new to Angela, however, I
would not start with this session. This has been a journey, and you should
start at the beginning to really enjoy and appreciate the complexity of the
relationship that you can have with Angela.

Angela is unlike anyone else in the erotic hypnosis community. And this is
Angela at her best.

What will happen if you let Angela wash your brain?

When I read Angela's description of this video I had to have it. Imagine being triggered to do things for Angela at any time or any place. And what's even more exciting is that I don't know what the triggers are or what they will make me do. I trust Angela and know she won't make me do anything dangerous or illegal. But what will she make me do? I can't wait to find out.

I'm craving Angela's voice, I think I will watch the video again.