Reprogrammed by Angela

Price: $20.00

You need to relax. You need my voice to relax you. You will find yourself returning to my voice time and again, to relax. To submit to sublime tranquility. To feel the rapture of absolute calm. In rapture you will finally understand my power as you become powerless, enthralled by my NEED to control, my NEED to make you be affected by my desires. I am addicted to your need, and you are addicted to my needs.


Fall in love with Angela's voice

This is the session that formed my first real connection to Angela's voice. It is just so soft, so calm, so relaxing. Then Angela explains what Her voice does to you, and it does exactly what She says. Then there is a period of just sublimanals. What they are saying? I have no idea. I just lay there and float in the sounds going through my mind. Then it starts over again (did I mention that this is a great one to set on a loop?) and Her voice is even more beautiful then before, then the subliminals, then Her voice, then the s... ahhhhhhhhhh

Her Voice

There is something very magical in Angela's voice, the rhythm, the tone, her words floating inside my mind. It's as though her voice is tuned perfectly, evaporating my thoughts and filling me with the most blissful addiction. The session lulls me away in simplicity on the surface, yet underneath the sensations and feelings are profound.

I adore Angela and need to open myself to her control like nothing I need more. I never want the sound of her voice to stop, and it doesn't, still swirling in my mind.

This is a beautiful session, with a few surprises, and one certainly suitable for those new to her training as I am.