The Siren

Price: $20.00

It's just so easy to end your weary journey by following the voice of the Siren.  Her voice calls to you, your mind bewitched by her mesmerizing music and seductive powers.  What will she do with you when she has you? 


Angela's Siren

Angela, you truely are a Siren. If I owned a boat I would gladly wreck it on a rocky shore just to get closer to your beautiful voice.

Angela is a wonderful storyteller. She can make me see things as if I'm really there. She describes a scene where I am in a boat drifting along. I float through a channel to a part of the lake I haven't been to before. Then I hear something. It seems to be coming from a nearby island. The sound is so beautiful. I must get closer. It's a song. A beautiful song.

Unlike the Sirens from mythology Angela doesn't have you wreck your boat. She allows you to land it safely on her shore where her beautiful song guides you deeper into her control.


Powerful, Melodic Hypnosis

Mistress Angela has created a very beautiful, melodic, and unique deep hypnosis session with "The Siren," wherein the subject hears the beautiful melody of Angela's singing voice during the session...........this is the first hypnosis session that i have ever heard a hypnotist incoirporate singing into the session, but it simply causes the subject to fall more deeply and submissively into trance. Angela leads the subject on a deeply hypnotic journey through a tranquil nature scene that She paints in the subject's mind, and i remember feeling so much more progressively tired, submissive, obedient, and slave-like to Mistress Angela during the session as She deepened my journey.....

This is another unique example of Angela's marvelous hypnotic talents, as i thought that any singing in a session would distrct me and lessen the experience, rather than deepening it!! one awakes feeling so obedient and submissive to Mistress Angela that it feels wonderful!!

The Siren

She is this. She is many things to us who follow Her. One such 'role' She plays is the Siren. As the Siren, She does call us to follow Her. To follow Her to where She leads. In a word i was 'beconed' by Her once again in this audio/video file. my mind followed Her every word as again She took possession of my thoughts and made them Her own. i listen, i follow and i obey this Siren, this Enchantress, this Queen of the kingdom of my heart, this Goddess. Pardon my words of devotion to Her and at least take in this much of what i say, She will have what She wants, and that is you. your mission, should you decide to accept it (what choice do you have) is to acquiesce, fall to your knees and do Her bidding.

The Siren's Call

The Italian film director Fellini created very interesting images. My favorite was idea that the devil would appear, not with horns and a pitch fork, but as a sweet little girl in a pretty dress. The Siren's song is like that, sweet like a lullaby. Harmless really. No. You've been warned. Angela is beautiful and her voice is musical. Angela is dangerous also. You will be taken under her control. Like all of her sessions, the personalized video is the most special. Personalization really makes a difference. Don't be afraid. After all, it's just a sweet and simple song. How could that take control of your mind? You'll see...