Price: $20.00

This sequel to Gentle Rain will demonstrate the power of my voice as you find yourself locked by my words during a storm


It's raining, it's pouring...

Thunderstorm is is the second in the Aqua series and clearly builds on the first session Gentile Rain. The induction is very effective and left me in a deep trance. The visuals in the video are unusual and very effective also. I'm surprised more followers of Angela do not mention this series and this session in particular. For me, it is very close to the best I have experienced yet. I say yet, because there is still one more to go and I have great respect for Angela's creative and hypnotic abilities. If you are a follower of Angela's, get this series and get it personalized and with the video feature. Don't be afraid of the Thunderstorm, Angela will protect you, comfort you, captivate you, control you, own you...