The Vampiress

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Leaving behind the forest and its enchantress, you climb up to a castle in Romania.  Inside, and down down down in its depths awaits the Vampiress


Sensual voice carries me away...

Very sensual voice draws me closer and deeper is enjoyable. But is anti-climatic that disappointed me because I wanted to be entranced by the Vampiress. To hear more of her and not the last part of the mp3. Which was more of a headache than hypnotic state. Sorry!

A Very Sensual Session of Following Angela

Angela uses a very interesting and unique hypnotic technique in this session, as she led me on a mental "journey" in my mind, where i progressed through rooms and buildings of one or more anchient buildings, following Her voice deeper and deeper in my mind and progressing deeper and deeper into the journey.............i remember feeling sleepy and unwilling to move my heavy body at some point during the session as i obeyed Angela much more deeply as She led me in the session and into new rooms..........i do not remember all of the session or even the specifics of each room (since Angela took me so deep into hypnosis), but i very very clearly remember being the most obedient slave that i could be by the time that i reached the last room and totally and completely submissive to Angela as i knew that i had reached the room that She wished me to be in.....

i think virtually all slaves and subjects will find this session very sensual, as Angela uses incredible descriptive techniques and words to describe the dark, rich, sensual mood and atmosphere of your surroundings as She leads You deeper and deeper on your journey and into hypnosis......into this blissful journey She weaves a deep understanding of your proper place as Her submissive and slave, which feels wonderful......


This recording is the second in a series that started with the Enchantress. Like each session, Angela begins with a story though which she gathers your attention and gains your confidence. With each word she takes control without your awareness. By the end I found myself tilting my head to one side hoping for, wanting the vampire's embrace. But even then, you are only half way into the journey. This is a powerful session, not just a vampire story. I purchased the personalized video. It is very compelling. If you can't afford it, get the personalized audio. It is, after all, about Angela and you.


Having something of an interest in the outre this recording is one of my personal favorites, I love listening. It sends me so deep and is so intense. Please Miss Angela if you get time a sequel would be on my MUST BUY list.