Voice of Confusion

Price: $20.00

A script using disassociation and confusion to drop your mind and body into deep trance.  See if you can resist as my voice distracts you from my real purpose...


Highly recommended!

Angela starts by asking. "Are you ready?"

The answers should be, "Absolutely not." And, "Always."

The transition between wakefulness and utter, drooling, entranced subservience is just that seamless.

The distance between "absolutely not" and "yes, yes, yes!" Is no distance at all with Angela as a tour-guide.

I don't un-recommend it not highly. I imagine. Also. . .

Hypnosis doesn't work on me

Voice of Confusion is the first of a series where Angela uses confusion as the basis of the induction. This form of induction can be very effective for people with very analytical minds. I found that I was thinking way to much about each and every thing Angela said in other sessions, trying to anticipate what she was doing and what see might say next. That is simply impossible here. The video induction very effectively draws you in, distracting the visualization part of the brain. Within minutes, her rapport is established and you are completely entranced. Personalization anchors the effect. If you are having trouble reaching trance, this may be your best vehicle. Unless you don't want to be hypnotized, but then why are you reading this?