Voice of Sleep

Price: $20.00

Troubles sleeping?  Let my voice prepare you for deeep and sublime sleeep while I bewilder your mind into submission.  Are you really asleep, or is this but a dream?


A wonderful file

As always Angela has created a wonderful file, relaxing, charming, enchanting and irresistable. It is always a pleasure to hear her voice, soothing you after a hard day. So wonderful to just let go and follow her voice. I can promise any new members, this one is WELL worth a buy.

Snooze Bar

You must be tired. All that confusion. Again and again. She's call you to sleep. Just close your eyes. If you have listened to the first three sessions in this series then you know you'll submit. Such a deep trance. You were just sleeping, right? You are Angela's slave now. We all are. And we want to be. You want to be her slave. You need to watch it again. It's so wonderful to sleep. So safe. So calm. So nice to belong.

Vocea de Somn

It is only my opinion, but i think the 'Angelic' qualities come through stronger on this video / audio than any of our Goddess's other work. From the very begining of this piece, Angela's silky smooth voice lules the listener to a trance in which She can speak Her words of your new life's direction; which of course is in service to Her. i have not heard the intro to this, but i am sure you can sense what 'velvet' quality and charm of what will soon be Her vocal asault (all be it a welcome asault) on your mind. If you are not serving Her yet, You will after listening to this.