Voice of Stupefying

Price: $20.00

Confused and bewildered into a trance?  Are you strong enough of mind to resist the temptation to simply let go of your mind?


Deep Submission and Obedience from Confusion

Master Angela uses a very powerful confusion hypnosis induction in this session, which i found very confusing at first but which made me more relaxed, submissive, and obedient as i listened to Her beautiful and commanding words and felt so sleepy as my mind tried to stop being confused.............it was very strange thinking how confused i was one minute and then thinking how it was unimportant to think or move the next minute..................Angela's hypnotic power in this session made me into a passive drone that quickly....

Soon after (it seemed to me) my mind was focused and no longer confused, as i focused on the thought of submitting to and obeying Angela and relaxing more and more...........this session is especially effective for analytical slaves and others who may think that they are "too sharp" to be hypnotized by Angela and unable to be influenced by Her hypnotic commands and directives.............believe me, You will wind up like i did and it will feel wonderful!!

i awoke feeling so deeply submissive and and obedient to Angela, and craving to express my devotion to Master Angela in an e-mail or IM.....the feeling lasted for quite a while after the session! all slaves and subjects of Angela should use this session to refresh their submission and/or more deeply program themselves into submission to Master Angela...

essential to your understanding

This recording is essential to your mental training in Angela's power. your programming under Her power can easily start here. Though i would refer to this recording as covering the "basics", there is nothing basic about it. you will be thoroughly entrenched in a new thought pattern which benefits Angela. your thoughts begin to be Her thoughts here. you will not return to your former life after watching this recording.


I enjoy the Food Network when I'm hungry just as much as anyone, but I never thought I would find myself in a deep trance making something to eat. Vocea de Stupefiante is the second in a series that uses confusion as the basis of the induction. During my first listen I thought, "What is Angela talking about?". This will bring a smile to your face, at least until you are deep in a trance. This is one of my favorites if only because of how clever and creative Angela is in completely taking control of your mind. This is a very effective session. You will end up in a very deep trance. If you are like me, you will return to it again and again. I'm starting to think Angela could drop me into a trance while telling me how to change the oil in my car or doing the laundry. As with all of the other sessions, personalization and video are very good investments. This series is terrific.