Voice of Transformation

Price: $20.00

Now begins your journey of transformation. Through the mind comes all metamorphis, and by confusing the mind, I control your mind. And then I start your transformation, into anything I desire. My voice is the key that unlocks the first door...opening your mind and setting it to accept the process of transformation. I may allow you to choose your path ahead, or maybe you will simply be transformed as I DESIRE.


I am her's now , forever !

I have to say i was mesmerised by Angela's voice when i got her generic audio, but i was in for a big surprise when she caught me by surprise in yahoo messenger one day and took control of me soo easily.

Seriously before that i had no intention to buy a personalised session of anytype. but now i am glad Angela got me to buy a personilised session , it felt natural and i felt myself transformed into someone else. Angela has not revealed to me who she is making me into. but it feels good , and i dont want to resist her anymore. i want to become who Angela wants me to be. I want to do what she tells me to do, I want to be who she wants me to be, I will think the way she wants me to think. I am her's now forever.