Whirl of Awe

Price: $20.00

With the use of pivot grammar & daisy-chain patterns, my dual voices swirl around and around your mind, leaving you breathlessly in awe of my power.



Angela performs a continuous attack on your mental stimuli with this recording. Relentlessly She speaks what seems to be meaningless gibberish. Though it sounds so, you are fooled again to be overwhelmingly receptive (willingly or otherwise) to Her subliminal travels through your mind and with this comes the demise of your will to do anything but what She desires. Her strike is anything but miscalculated. She knows what She is doing, breaking down your senses, your former reality and your will.

In a Spin

Ok, so was I the only one that was sick that day in English class and missed the lesson on pivot grammar? I don't think the original idea was to draw you into the deepest possible trance in order to totally control your mind. Mrs. Kramer would never approve. I'm sure. It does create such a trance when Angela uses it to tie your brain into a thousand knots. So innocent. So simple. Just when you start to think that this is clever, but it will never work on me, it does! The visuals are equally effective. I always get the personalized video. The personalized video I always get...