Whirl of Bewildering

Price: $20.00

Just submit to the path I lay out before, one step at a time down into a gentle but firm control of your mind. As my primary voice leads you downward, my secondary voice whirls around you leaving you breathlessly bewildered and MINE.


Hypnotic overload for slaves' minds

Angela hypnotically overwhelms subjects and slaves with this session, which contains multiple tracks that take the listener from one sound, one voice, one journey to another and allow the mind to relax and focus on Angela's words and commands.........the deep bass-filled sound that i remember hearing at some point in the recording was not disturbing, but just allowed me to relax more completely and obediently to Angela............the journey that She leads You on is a very very interesting part of the session.....suffice it to say that i have never heard it used in a hypnosis session before, but it works incredibly well and took me deep into hypnosis

Angela burrows deep into the subject's/slave's mind with this session and her sugestions take a deep root.................Another unique, intreguing, but highly effective hypnotic technique used by ANgela to powerful purpose!!


So strong, Angela got my head spinning inside soon after the video started. The graphics are intense. Her sublime methods are very evident in this recording. i rarely feel an extreme trance like quality state of mind ... this one is extreme. There is a point in the recording when some kind of prime-evil drum is introduced. This is not just a work of art in how it mixes with my basic instincts to follow Angela; this is a masterpiece of tapestry as She weaves an even stronger hold on me and furthers my deep, deep desire and need to serve Her. One does not need to be provoked to listen to this a dozen times straight. Careful you do not to drive soon after listening to it only once.

I lost my free will here

Whirl of Bewildering was the beginning of the end of my free will. The story invoked primal images for me. I could visualize sitting inside a cave on a moon less night, staring out upon a clear sky full of stars. A fire crackles while the flame dances. Images move across the wall of the cave. Angela's voice pulls you into a trance that will never end. A very effective video compliments the audio.