Whirl of Overwhelming

Price: $20.00

Relentlessly, my voice and words pound into your mind, cutting off any escape from anything but what I command. And just as you begin to feel the anesthesia of my power, I shift into the next step DOWN, a series of lull and surprise. Whirl of Overwhelming is not for the beginner in hypnosis, and might frighten some who just want a calm relaxation. This is indoctrination and strict training....not for the light of heart.


Whirl of Overwhelming

It’s all in the name, OVERWHELMING….

Goddess Angela’s soothing enchanting voice takes over control very fast, i could never resist Her voice. Like Angels kissing my ears tenderly in a very alluring way… god… and when Her voice enters my mind.. i’m toast.. going down like a brick in water, no way to stay afloat whatsoever.

i wish i wish i wish i could tell about the content in detail but i’m afraid She always takes me to deep under Her control to do this.

All i can report about are the emotions it leaves me after waking up from this one, and it’s hard to wake up from this one, i’m so addicted to Goddess Angela’s voice i can’t resist to just start it over again.

But i do know that after waking up from this one, i have been in a blissful heaven of submission and i wished i could stay there forever.
It’s so incredible POWERFUL, it makes me feel so incredible submissive, i feel Goddess Angela’s control all over my body and in my mind, all i can think of is how i need to be Goddess Angela’s slave, it makes me so weak and docile.
All i know is i am Goddess Angela’s slave and i will always be back for more and more, i NEED to obey Goddess Angela, i am Her slave, NEED to be Her slave.

i already was completely under Goddess Angela’s control, but if i wasn’t… god…. this session is so incredible powerful it has sealed my fate forever.
Goddess Angela owns me so completely, there is no way out and i LOVE it.

Be careful what you wish for, this session may seal your fate as well.
Once i underestimated Her power, never again.
After this session all options will be gone, free will gone, Goddess Angela will dictate and control your life, no choices left.

i am lost in Goddess Angela’s control, i am where i belong.

i am Goddess Angela’s slave.