Whirl of Submission

Price: $20.00

There is just no way to resist...but you might fool yourself into thinking you can resist. Maybe the first minute, you're okay. But slowly, my voice and my words erode your will, and before you know it, my swirling commands are embedded permanently in your mind, your memories, your total being. Forever....


new attitude

i have to admit, i have not been the best subject for Angela since i first met her a few years ago. the biggest issues were lack of trust and committment on my part. after listening to this, just once so far, things have definitely changed. it has become crystal clear in my mind that in order to reap the full benefit of Angela's power and control, i need to let go and give in completely. surrender my will to her completely. i will no longer resist her directions, because they conflict with the way i would like to do things. because i no longer think about the right way to do things. i know she has my best interests at heart, and i just need to listen to her with 100% commitment. Anything she says is doable, and will be done one way or the other. i understand now. it is so simple. Thank You Angela. And please forgive me for not realizing sooner who You are.

Deep Sleep and Submission to Angela

Master Angela's hypnotic powers are as great as ever in this incredible session, which sucked me so far down into the furthest submissive state that i have ever felt to a HypnoDomme...........i remember feeling so sleey and lazy in my body and then Angela's beautiful voice and the hypnotic spiral became so important to me that the next thing i remember was waking up and feeling so incredibly submissive to Angela and eager to obey and serve Her in any way that i could...........this is a very subtle but powerful session that drew me so deep into trance and hypnosis that i felt like an obedient stone statue during the session, ready to obey Angela if and when She directed me............i cannot remember how or when Angela placed me into hypnosis in this session, but i felt so deep that i could not believe it as i obeyed and focused on Her beautiful words to me............

thank You Angela for creating such a wonderfully and incredibly powerful session for Your subs and slaves


again You take me further

i purchased this video before i read the description. Angela commanded me to buy it, so i did. Her 'talents' are used as remarkable as ever in this production. i never regret watching Your videos Angela. This one was probably the most hypnotic, as the visuals subliminal and otherwise really took my mind away in concert with Your voice. It was very interesting the way You blended the messages into the background. i always hope to consciously read what You are planting in my brain. No such luck in this one. i know You are working Your magic in my mind, i just do not know exactly what You are doing. For sure, You know this even better than i, You have me as Your devoted slave. With every video You release, You make Your hold on my being even stronger. Thank You again for further developing my mind for Your purposes.
i submit myself to You always,

Submission to a Powerful, Dominant Woman

This session is a triumphant work. Angela closes this swirling cycle around you, through you, and asks you to set your free will aside. It's so simple really. Surrender and find peace, surrender and find happiness, surrender because everything in your heart and mind want you to. I have written many complimentary reviews about many sessions by Angela. This really is the best. I would swear to you that it was written specifically for me, but anyone who listens will make the same claim. Angela's voice is perfect, her cadence compelling, her beckonning like sweet music, your surrender is certain. I don't know where this journey of submission will take me, but everything inside me wants to go there, to follow her, to please her. I would gladly trade everything for her smile and approval. You will also. She does not force you, she does not trick you, she does not take you, You surrender yourself.

The video session draws you in like no other. No one is as accomplished as Angela in this genre. In fact, no one else even comes close. But don't believe me. Maybe I'm in a foolish, hypnotic swirl of submission. You don't believe in this stuff. No one could lead you into submission with just the sound of their voice, right? There's no way a stranger could capture your will by just speaking to you for a few minutes. Just remember, it will be all your idea when you surrender...